Monday, September 22, 2008

Green Home Tour - By Bike!

While the focus here is on our Breakfast project, sometimes some other kind of bike fun comes along that's too great not to notice. The Willamette Valley Green and Solar Home Tour on October 4th is one of them. It's a "self-guided tour of several green and solar homes in the Salem & Silverton areas" that will be open most of the day.

Most interestingly, it has rational pricing! The ticket fee is per car and that will encourage car-pooling. Even better, bicyclists are free! So basically the pricing enacts a carbon tax. How great is that? I don't know how bike parking will be, and how home owners will feel if it rains - we bikey folk will be wet! (Though there would also be fewer bicyclists.) But I'm happy they are trying this, and I hope others will follow!

Pre-registration is required, so do click through the link check out the details. Hit me with an email if you are going by bike, and perhaps there will be enough of us that it makes sense to organize a bike ride!

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