Thursday, October 23, 2008

Friday, October 31st - Breakfast

The October breakfast is just one week away! Even with the cool weather, we've been seeing lots of commuters on the road, so come on by. Next Friday, Halloween morning, we'll be at the North Office Mall Building on Winter street NE from 7am to 9am with coffee, pastries, and fruit for you. If you can't go to the office in costume, costume your bike. Better, do both! See you then!

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MWVBTA said...

Santiam Bicycle has graciously offered to give a tune-up to the winning costume! Thanks Troy & Graham! The B on B gang-of-five will be the judges. So get busy!

MWVBTA said...
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MWVBTA said...

Need some inspiration? Check out these hilarious costumes from last weekend's cross-crusade!