Thursday, February 25, 2010

Possibly Impatient, Sanyo Turns to Portland for eBike Love

Almost exactly a year ago, Sanyo gave the City of Salem a Sanyo Eneloop bicycle. Mayor Taylor took it for several rides and there was much talk of a charging infrastructure and sales of the bicycle in town.

Now, a year later, Salem has not moved on charging stations nor has the bicycle appeared in the market. Part of this may be due to Sanyo and difficulties in getting it into the marketplace. Giant also has an eBike that is already in the Salem market, and retailers may be reluctant to get behind another brand before the first one takes off.

At the same time, the City hasn't exactly set the world on fire with plans for the infrastructure or other efforts to stimulate demand.

In this context, it's interesting to note news today that Sanyo is courting Portland and Mayor Adams.

City of Salem, you had a chance to be first, and now Portland's going to steal the thunder! It's not too late!

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