Sunday, December 20, 2020

Proposed National Climate Team Seems Promising

Yesterday President-elect Biden announced a Climate Czar and nominees for closely associated Cabinet positions, packaging them as a "climate team." Much will depend on who is confirmed by and what bills can pass a obstructionist Senate. But at least as announcement and intent it seems promising.

Interior, Energy, EPA, Climate

It has been wonderful to see this beat-up old rock club rather than a hotel conference room or office building suite as the stage for these pre-Inaugural speeches, introductions, panel talks, and other public activities.

There's a beat-up glory to The Queen theater - twitter

If you're not into national politics and policy, except perhaps for Kerry these are essentially unknown figures, so it's helpful to see Bill McKibben approves.

via Twitter

This is not something we'll follow closely here, but it is nice to note at the moment in the gloomy rain.

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