Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Robert Lindsey Obituary may Omit Important Recent History

Back in October, there was an apparent hit-and-run on Windsor Island Road.

At the time, Keizer Police said in their second report:

On Friday, October 9, 2020, 70-year-old Andrew Otho Polston, of Keizer, was lawfully riding his bicycle north on Windsor Island Road when he was struck and killed by a northbound 1973 Dodge van driven by 93-year-old Robert E. Lindsey, of Salem....No arrest has been made.

This second report doesn't say anything about hit-and-run, but the very first report suggested it:

Officers found a 70-year-old man deceased at the scene, an apparent victim of a collision with a vehicle. The vehicle that struck the man did not remain at the scene...

Today there is news and an obituary about a former Mayor, Robert Lindsey, also 93. There never was any follow-up on the crash and any subsequent citations. The obituary mentions no crash.

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But it very much still seems like there is a story here, and the inattention may be a casualty of our shrinking news staffs as well as youth and lack of local knowledge in new reporters. 

The inattention might also a consequence of our autoism that sees fatal crashes as a tolerable level of collateral damage for using our roads and cars. Just an "accident."

The obituary says "He had been living independently at the family's hazelnut farm in north Salem up until about a week before his death."

There might also be more of a story here about seniors and mobility and just what constitutes "independence."

All in all, there is a nagging feeling that the matter is very incompletely told.

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