Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Public Rental Bike System Ride Salem Relaunches

Over the weekend the public bike rental system, Ride Salem, went live again after the COVID hiatus.

Celebrating the relaunch - via FB

It looks like there is a new station in Riverfront Park, but according to the system map one in Bush Park is still in progress.

The system map in early June 2021

With ODOT and Forth/Cascadia Mobility involved statewide, we can hope for system expansion:

  • e-Bikes to make them attractive to an even greater range of bicycling skill and fitness
  • Trikes, hand-cycles, and more accessible bikes
  • More stations across a greater geographical reach in Salem so they are more usable for actual errands, not just cruising around in the parks
  • And above all, bike lanes in downtown so that ordinary people can bike from the transit station or train station to most destinations downtown

For previous notes on the rental bike system see here.

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