Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fog, a Little Frost, and a Warm Cuppa Coffee

Yesterday morning we assembled out on front of the Capitol. It was cold, foggy, and a little frosty. Some roads had slick patches, and cleats were especially tricky on the frosty steps.

Representatives Jules Bailey and Tobias Read joined us on their bikes! Representative Bailey was especially dashing on his bike with his suit & tie! And Senator Ginny Burdick and Representative Mary Nolan stopped by on foot. Folks from lots of other state agencies joined us as well. It was great to see.

In May or June, towards the end of the session, we'll likely hold another Breakfast at the Capitol - and perhaps with fairer weather we'll see some Salem-area Legislators bike in to work!

The Oregon Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee was meeting in Salem, and several members of the committee were able to join us as well. It was great to meet and chat with other bicyclists from out of the area. Thanks for joining us!

Photo: Tim Ehlers, TRE Photography

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