Thursday, January 1, 2009

B on B - The Legislative Session - Jan 30

Happy New Year! What a crazy, wonderful, annoying storm we had! Though the rain's not particularly welcome, I was ready for the snow and ice to disappear.

With the Holidays over, we'll be returning to our regular "last Friday" schedule for Breakfast on Bikes. Please join us between 7am and 9am on the Capitol steps on Friday, January 30.

With the Legislature starting, and Transportation funding & infrastructure an important component of the agenda (see bits on the BTA agenda, Governor Kulongoski's proposals here and here, and interesting convergence from a public health angle), it seemed like a great time to visit the Capitol again!

If you joined us in July, you'll remember the Governor biked to work and joined us for a snack! With the weather and all we're not sure whether the Governor will be joining us again, but we hope that bikey State Legislators and staff will be joining us. Scott and Karl from BTA-HQ will be down, and we want to show that bicycling can be an important part of a coherent response to the problems of climate change, peak oil, congestion, and neglected infrastructure. The Governor has proposed to amend the 1971 Bicycle Bill to devote 1.5% instead of 1.0% to bike facilities.

Come on by and show your support!

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