Friday, February 13, 2009

City Council to Consider Small Change in Downtown Sidewalks Ordinance

City Council will be meeting on Tuesday next week (rather than Monday), and on the agenda is a recommendation that
City Council direct staff to further support Vision 2020 by initiating a package of revisions to the Salem Revised Code to (a) allow bicycle travel to make critical connections at two locations in the core area...
This is a welcome surprise! We had not discussed this at the Downtown Vision 2020 meetings. The full document on the changes is available as a pdf here. The relevant portions on bicycles are posted here:

If you can email all of the City Councilors here. Or find your individual City Councillor and let him or her know you care about improving bicycle connections downtown. These proposed measures are small, and do not appear to be a prelude to more extensive sidewalk permission downtown, but they recognize that bicycling downtown is problematic.

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