Monday, March 1, 2010

Willamette University Bike Shop Kicks off Sustainability Month

Willamette University kicked off Sustainability Month today and the Bike Shop was front and center. They set up a couple of tables with information on better biking as well as an obstacle course out in front of the dining hall.

Whitney and Theresa staffed the table during the lunch hour and gave out free bike helmets, bike shop class and shop schedule, and other information on bicycling around Willamette.

Theresa demonstrated flat repair - tire removal, patching, and re-installation.

A group of cross- and fixie-riders participated in a track stand contest. Several of them will be participating in the Capital Cup races on April 3rd.

(There was a disconnect, however, between the largely helmetless fixie riders and the suggestion at the table that helmets are a good idea!)

The bike shop has plans to get more Sanyo Eneloop bicycles and to add them to the rental fleet. Campus Safety is also installing more bike racks as last fall during the good weather there was a real bike parking problem.

More and more Willamette students are bicycling, and it's great to see students promoting sustainable transportation!

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