Thursday, June 4, 2020

City Considering more Outdoor Dining Downtown

As others have already noted, the most recent City Manager's update has news that the City is exploring how to "safely provide portions of downtown streets for outdoor dining."

It might be helpful to let your City Councilor know you endorse and want to get this going for summer!

"bustling cafe culture" (May 21st)
More outdoor dining! - City Manager Update, May 29th
The Auto Camp

As a bit of historical trivia for a century ago, and representing a kind of early autoist expansion, before we had Pringle Park, the Albert family and then the City operated a free auto camp. Now we hope to unwind some of this expansion and revert public space back from cars to people.

May 19th, 1920

Municipal Auto Camp in 1926 (Sanborn map detail)
It was the site of Pringle Park today, west of the Hospital

November 23rd, 1920
There's more of a history here, and perhaps later there will be more to say!

December 2nd, 1933

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