Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Intro to Biking Class, Woodmansee Park Update, Councilor as Cidermaker - Bits

via SBC
The Salem Bicycle Club is offering a "basic bicycling class" on Sunday August 2nd. If you just got your bike out of the garage in the Pandemic and want to commute or bike more, this class is for you! It's free, but registration is required.

Woodmansee Park

Existing Conditions at Woodmansee Park
The City announced an update for the master plan for Woodmansee Park. It's linked to the project for upgrading water storage in the fractured basalt far below ground. They've got an online Open House and survey.

Maybe we'll get an update on the Safe Routes project from a year ago. There was a grant to improve access to the park, but the thing just disappeared, and there has been no public update.

A year ago, past event, via Facebook
Safe Routes and the MWVCOG is also advertising for a part-time assistant:
The SRTS Program Assistant works under the direction of the SRTS Coordinator and may act as lead instructor in the absence of the Coordinator. This is a part-time, non-exempt position. Weekly hours will vary dependent on outreach activities and event opportunities and workload demands, as determined by the SRTS Coordinator. Maximum hours are expected to be ten (10) hours per week, although some weeks may have zero (0) hours.
See the full job notice all the details

Cider at Council

We will have a Cidermaker for City Councilor?! I missed that Jose Gonzales made cider in addition to his real estate business. His campaign appears to have soft-pedaled this, and this detail is not on his website.

How did the fact Jose is Councilor-elect get cut?
More inexplicably, it's also not in the big feature in the paper today. How is that not included? That's a significant detail.

And why hide it? Not just the hospitality/restaurant side, but the small-scale, light industrial brewing side is a useful perspective to have on Council. At the Atlantic, James Fallows has written frequently about the importance of small breweries in city vitality, and a cidery is a close relative.

It won't be the first time a cidermaker sat on Council. Gideon Stolz was on Council in the early 1900s. 

April 7th, 1903
March 3rd, 1905

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Anonymous said...

The online version is longer and does include that Jose is Councilor-elect. It also says the brand is a contract-brew done in Portland and they don't have their own cidery yet.