Saturday, July 18, 2020

ODOT Asks for Zoning Change near former SRC Site - Updated

The City's published a Hearing Notice for a zoning change on a block immediately adjacent to the proposed SRC eastside bridgehead. The applicant is ODOT and their agent is the Angelo Group, who was an SRC consultant.

The SRC was proposed to use Hickory and Pine here.
Innocent or nefarious? Hard to say, but it will be very interesting to read the full Staff Report when it is published and to learn more about the proposal.

SRC in blue and bridgehead footprint (and changes) in grey,
lots proposed to be rezoned in red
(Description of Preferred Alternative, January 2019)
But even aside from any possible entanglement with a zombie SRC is the fact that it would be a subtraction of land zoned for apartment housing, and therefore the proposal deserves extra scrutiny, since we have a shortage of that according to the Housing Needs Analysis.

More to say later.

Update, July 28th

The Staff Report is out, and it is one after another instance of "Staff does not concur" for Findings. They recommend denial.

A strong recommendation for denial across the board
In this case, the obvious analysis is in the Staff Report, and it does not seem necessary or very interesting to drill into it.


Anonymous said...

Councilor Andersen posted a lengthy and critical comment to his Facebook page:

"Because their existing use of the property is non-conforming, and because their proposed expansion of the use onto their RM-II zoned property is similarly not allowed, they’re seeking to change the comprehensive and Highland neighborhood plan map designations of the property to Community Service Government, together with a zone change to PS (Public Service), in order to place the entire site within one comp. plan/zoning designation that allows their existing and planned use of the site."

City Staff were apparently concerned about the loss of RM2 zoned land in particular.

Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

Thanks. A couple of readers emailed this also. It'll be interesting to read the STaff Report when it is published.

Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

Added a brief update on the Staff Report, which is a pretty strong recommendation for denial.