Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Former Oregon Climate Scientist Looks at our Skies in Dismay

The State Climatologist for North Carolina used to work at OSU on climate before moving across the country for the new job. Yesterday she said "I spent a lot of time in Salem talking about climate change over the past decade. This...this is it."

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The clearings along roads give avenues for shots of the sky, and that is one reason we see them so often. But it is also a sign of our autoism that, like with the initial way we understood the Pandemic shut-downs through vast expanses of empty roads, we use the empty streets as a foil for the doomy skies.

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The individual stories of refugees, evacuees, and fire-fighters are important, but at some point we will need to step back and ask why we have this intensification. It's not random misfortune, but is catastrophe we have courted.

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