Saturday, October 3, 2020

Bike Commuting Still Flat, the Annual Refrain

BikePortland reported on the bike commute to work rate in Portland from the 2019 Census information. That's a great discussion and you should read it.

1.3% estimated bike commute rate in 2019 for Salem

Here in Salem, our numbers are also stagnant. The top chart is for "Salem City," and this one is for the metro area.

Lower, this is for the metro area in 2019 - census

Within any reasonable sampling error, nothing has budged in decades. We just have the random, year-to-year fluctuation around a stable center of about one percent.

From the 2007 RTSP

See this post from last year and previous ones in 2018 and 2017.

We are not planning to change this.

The slice that Our Salem uses ("all trips, not just trips to work") is a little bit bigger. Even so, it envisions hardly any change, and we see this especially in the statistically insignificant delta of 790,000 - 780,000 tons of CO2 when comparing current trends to the "preferred scenario." As our chapter said, "it fails miserably."

Right now, Our Salem "fails miserably"

The Chair of our Transit District has it right. Yet it's even understated. More than just "safe," it needs to be inviting and the preferred choice for short trips if we are going to make a dent in our emissions.

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