Friday, October 9, 2020

Joleen Braasch Berry Struck while Biking on Cherry Ave, Driver Later Charged with DUI and Assault

Geez. Here is news today of a second person killed by a driver.

Because it was initially an injury only, it did not occasion a release from the Police, but Joleen Braasch Berry died from her injuries today.

The paper writes:

Joleen Braasch Berry, of Salem, was riding with a helmet in the bicycle lane [on Tuesday] when William Justin Chambers, 25, who was driving a Toyota sedan, drifted out of the southbound traffic lane and into the bike lane [in the 2700 block of Cherry Ave NE].

Chambers struck Berry, then came to a stop after crashing into a tree....

Chambers was charged with second-degree manslaughter, driving while under the influence of intoxicants and vehicular assault.

Unlike the crash reporting on the Windsor Island Road death, here in this story there are people biking and driving, and the driver, not the car, is the responsible agent in the crash. Though it should not also be necessary to say Berry was or was not wearing a helmet, as if not wearing a helmet might invite a crash and cause the person biking to have to share some of the blame for their death or that our level of sympathy might vary with helmet use. The lethal error and power is the driver's, not whether a person biking has a helmet. Helmet use doesn't protect against a crash. See the earlier post for more on language and ascription of responsibility.

Update, Saturday the 10th

In print, the story uses the tired and inaccurate "hit by car" trope in the headline. It also corrects the charges from "manslaughter" to "felony second-degree assault" and adds "failure to perform the duties of a driver."

Print uses "hit by car" formula, erasing the driver

As a person with her own story and life, Berry is largely absent, and hopefully follow-up stories on the court dates will give her more dignity and presence. The dead and seriously injured are not able to tell their own story, and structurally the reports always depend too much on the driver. He gets the photo, even if it is a mug shot.

Monday the 12th

Here's a tribute from the Book Bin, with details on an in-store memorial.

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Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

updated with clip from paper and a few revised details

Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

Updated with clip from Book Bin

Melissa said...

I keep looking for any information following Chambers' court appearance, which was scheduled for Oct. 16. Does anyone know what his status is?