Friday, April 9, 2021

City Manager Tidbits on McGilchrist, new Website, Portland Loo

The City Manager's update has been silent for a while, nearly a couple of months, but they recently published three of them for February and March.

The most recent one for March 29th contains several tidbits of interest.

The City continues to work on the McGilchrist project, now with new anticipation of a Federal transportation bill, especially with a new kind of earmarks program. Maybe we will see some design refinements that will improve it for walking and biking safety, past the vintage bike lane treatments of more than a generation ago, and also see slower design speeds for motor vehicles.

Things looking up for Federal funding on McGilchrist

For previous notes on the saga of the McGilchrist project see here.

Back in 2017 the City rolled a new website. Apparently they feel we all need a new one.

Time for another new website?

One thing to watch is that even if the website design itself is improved, the City also grasped the "opportunity" to reduce the amount of information publicly and freely available and to make necessary more frequent formal requests for public records. So in some ways there is a loss of accessibility also.

A new website could be good, but it may not have had a life even of five years.

Finally, "the Portland Loo bathroom project" is a little vague, and it's not something we've followed here. But it's interesting to note that it's linked to the parking fund. 

Mania for free parking hinders new Portland Loo

This is another example of the kinds of useful things that our mania for free parking hinders.

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