Monday, July 19, 2021

The Sunday Papers were Full of Climate News

Though the paper here didn't directly use the words "climate" or "emissions," which is a little bit of skirting the issue, indirectly the front page Sunday was all about our climate emergency.

Front page today

Interestingly, Oregon was also on the front page of the Washington Post. (Side articles have been erased in the examples here.)

An apt angle today in DC

In fact, many important papers Sunday centered climate above the fold.

Rising water near San Francisco

A global perspective from New York

There were probably quite a few others.

Today, a piece here underscored climate.

Today on flooding and emissions

Earlier this month a piece also underscored climate in our local crisis.

Earlier this month

The evidence is overwhelming. 

But we still struggle with the whole "think globally, act locally" bit.

People will say we are at a tipping point at the same time they don't want things like paying for parking. But driving is our biggest contributor. The climate actions that seem appealing are too small, too marginal; the actions that approach the right scale and work on the biggest contributors seem too difficult.

We gotta choose.

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