Tuesday, November 24, 2009

FTA seeks Comment on Proposed Expansion of "Catchment Area" for Bikes and Peds

This email and solicitation for comment from Congressman Blumenauer's office is making the rounds. The proposal, if enacted, looks to be a significant source of multi-modal funding. It's worth some attention.
Dear Transit, Bicycle, and Pedestrian Friends and Colleagues,

As Jonathan Maus posted in the Nov. 16 edition of BikePortland.org, the Federal Transit Administration is currently accepting comments on a new policy that would extend and more clearly define the 'catchment area' for bikes and pedestrians around transit stops and stations.

I urge you to comment on the proposed policy. After all, who knows more about transit, bicycle and pedestrian behavior, needs and facilities than you? Communities across the country would benefit from your comments and recommendations.

You can find the policy, as well as the procedure for comments at [here]. The deadline is January 12, 2010; contact names and addresses and requirements are listed in the document.

A final request: please cc me on any comments you submit, so I can share them with my colleagues in DC.


Meeky Blizzard
Advisor for Livable Communities
Congressman Earl Blumenauer
[meeky.blizzard at mail.house.gov]

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