Sunday, August 7, 2011

City Council, August 8th

Monday's Council meeting is quiet as far as bikes and transportation goes.

One item of interest would be for improved signage in Minto-Brown Park.

Council will also set some hearing dates for other proposed ordinances. (More on these matters when the hearing dates arrive.)

More interesting than the agenda, perhaps, is a piece in the news that originated with Council action.

Back in February Council approved an application for a crosswalk safety enforcement action, and a couple of days ago the Statesman reported on its completion:
Plainclothes officers crossed streets in the 900 block of State Street and at Commercial and Columbia streets NE to check drivers' compliance with crosswalk laws....

The following citations were issued:
  • 34 drivers for failing to stop for a pedestrian in a crosswalk
  • 6 drivers for passing a car already stopped at a crosswalk
  • 3 people for violations of child seat belt laws
Officers with Salem's traffic-control unit also made one arrest of a person with a warrant, issued eight miscellaneous citations and sixteen warnings to drivers.
It would be interesting to know the duration of the project. 50 in an hour? In a whole day?

People in cars still don't stop much for people waiting to cross, so it was good to see the project.

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