Monday, July 17, 2017

In the Neighborhoods: West Salem, Northeast Neighbors, and the Parks Board

The West Salem Neighborhood Association meets tonight, and several items on the agenda, which look to have formal presentations, look interesting:
  • Salem-Keizer School District's Citizens Facilities Task Force Report & Recommendations;
  • Capitol Manor Improvement & Expansion Report;
  • Edgewater Crossing Retail Center Proposed Project;
  • Riverbend Site Plan & Project Update;
  • Cherriot's Proposal to Change Bus Service in West Salem from Connector to a Fixed-Route System
Last month's minutes from the 19th have the summary of the epic contest over the Association's formal position on the Salem River Crossing:
Motion...that the West Salem Neighborhood Association vote to officially support the Salem River Crossing, completion of the Environmental Impact Study and encourage city council to act as soon as possible to complete a new bridge. 2nd....

[A]n amendment to direct the WSNA Land Use Committee to send a letter to City Council reporting the results of the motion and the response. 2nd....


Question was called for at 8:15 pm....Motion to stop discussion and vote CARRIES.

[A board member] explained voting qualifications for WSNA. Bylaws define voting members as residents of West Salem that live within the Urban Growth Boundary, full time West Salem workers, business or property owners of West Salem within the Urban Growth Boundary. Voters are on the honor system to determine their qualifications. Neighbors must have signed the sign in sheet to vote.

Vote on the amendment to the motion 16 Oppose, 8 Abstain, 330 SUPPORT. Amendment CARRIES.

Vote on the amended motion 49 Oppose, 3 Abstain, 302 SUPPORT. Motion CARRIES.

The West Salem Neighborhood Association vote on this decision was made only by those in attendance on June 19, 2017 without prior public agenda notification.
It seems likely that there will be something of a power struggle for positions on the board and policy positions it takes. Also on the agenda is an information update on the annual elections in October, which look to be rather more lively this year.

The Cherriots conversation could be especially interesting in light of the prospect of about $9 million in new funding annually as a result of the new transportation package the Legislature passed.

This is the leading concept for replacement -
but it's still very conceptual!
Back in May this was the leading concept, and maybe it will change in response to both the desires of those who live and work in West Salem as well as the new possibilities created by the new funding. (Here's the Cherriots project site.)

The West Salem Neighborhood Association meets Monday the 17th at 7:00 P.M. in Roth’s West, Mezzanine (1130 Wallace Rd NW).

Northeast Neighbors

NEN meets on Tuesday the 18th, and one important item is a discussion of "State St. Corridor Meeting & the Possibility of Buildings up to 65 Ft. in Height."

Comparison of proposed Zoning Change
"Preferred Land Use Option & Tier 2 Evaluation"
It's hard to know what exactly is the issue. Some of the proposed zoning changes would permit an additional 15 feet of building height (50 to 65), but some of them subtract 5 feet (70 to 65). Hopefully they aren't going to go full NIMBY on it. We need the YIMBY on State Street!

Byrd House North side, along Chemeketa,
where driveway is proposed
via google in 2012 (note for-sale sign)
In the minutes from last month there is also a brief note suggesting a new curb cut and driveway for the Byrd House was approved.

That's a real harm to the integrity of the Historic District!

There was an appeal to the State Historic Preservation Office on an interior matter, and this might have been tied up in that. (There might be a minor update here on this later.)

NEN meets Tuesday the 18th, at 6:30pm in the Salem First Church of the Nazarene, 1550 Market Street NE.

Parks and Recreation Board

Also on Tuesday, the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board will learn more about the Salem River Crossing impacts to Wallace Park.

They'll consider the findings primarily. It's not clear that they'll take a formal position.

The 4(f) Findings Memo
While the agenda says "discussion/action," the letter to the Board appears to land on the side of discussion only.
[W]e are not expected to provide comments on the de minimis determination at this point in the process.
Page 3 of City of Salem letter to Board
So it's not clear what the "action" would be - unless the formula "we are not expected" is one more of courtesy, and in fact the Board could choose to make formal comment, especially if it dissented or differed in emphasis from the City's gung-ho approach to the SRC.

So that meets Tuesday the 18th at 5:30 pm at City Hall on the top floor, west side facing the river, in room 325.

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