Tuesday, October 3, 2017

City Honors Advocate Angela Obery with Salem Spirit Award

Councilor Cook and Angela Obery
via Facebook
Last night at the Volunteer Recognition, the City honored bike advocate Angela Obery with this year's Salem Spirit Award:
Angela has been an inspirational leader in the community for several years, coordinating revitalization activities around Broadway area local businesses, the Winter/Maple Family Bikeway, as well as walking and biking education. She provides encouragement and passionate support to all with whom she is involved. The recent Open Streets Salem event is an example of her deeply held belief in community, and her desire to promote a culture of healthy, active living. While the event was sponsored by the City of Salem and several other local partners, Angela played a key role in coordinating the successful event, which attracted hundreds of people.

Her exuberant personality, coupled with her unwavering belief in fostering civic pride by highlighting and engaging Salem’s neighborhoods, have brought many unconventional partners to the table, including businesses, neighborhood associations, and educational representatives together to make creative choices with the belief they can make their community a better place for all. Diverse partnerships are key to Sally, and as a direct result of her efforts, more people are walking and biking in Salem.

Angela’s positive approach has resulted in strengthened community partnerships as well as created more transportation options for the community. Her leadership is inspirational to those of us who know her personally, and because of her strongly held beliefs and commitment, has translated into some pretty impressive and positive environmental impacts. Salem could use some more resident “doers” like her!

City Councilor Sally Cook, Ward 7, presented the award.
Friends of Two Bridges also won an At Your Service Award for their work supporting the Minto Bridge.

A full photo gallery and description of all the awards is over on the City's facebook page.


Jim Scheppke said...

So well deserved! Angela is terrific. I would love to see her on the City Council someday.

Walker said...

Very well deserved indeed, and good for Salem for recognizing her creativity, spark, and drive. Both Oberys are good people.