Saturday, January 7, 2023

Learn More About Transportation Planning: Check out this Comic!

Portland State University has published a comic treatment of our autoism and primer on transportation planning!

Moving from Cars to People

They write:

It's in everyone's interest for non-transportation-professionals to have a working knowledge of the conversation that's happening around sustainable transportation options. When important policy questions show up on a ballot – for example, whether businesses should be required to provide a certain amount of parking spaces, or whether the state should subsidize public transit – people who aren't in the transportation industry might not be fully aware of the tradeoffs involved in these questions.

It's also a good thing for people who are in the know already, because why not make things fun and approachable?

For more see:

Also, today's New York Times has on the front page a piece on induced demand. The failure of adding lanes and capacity is mainstream, common sense now!

NY Times front page today

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