Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bike Drill Team Practice on Sunday!

You may have seen the Irondelles, a tall bike troupe of ladies, in the Oregonian!

Tomorrow, Sunday, at 4pm in the calm, lovely streets of the Pringle Creek Community (map), at the old Fairview site, a Salem troupe will convene and practice some basic maneuvers! We don't know if there are any freak bikes in town, but we'd like to find out! Team organizers Robert and Debbie write:
Right now, we have an invite to the Monmouth 4th of July Parade next weekend.

If you have any interest in having some fun riding your bike (especially cruisers!) in some fun events at a slow pace (like 3 mph) come to the first practice:

We have a professional choreographer who is going to help us, wow! how cool is that?
There are other summer and winter parades and events that Robert & Debbie hope to enter, too!

Come on out on Sunday and let's have some goofy bike fun!

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