Friday, June 5, 2009

Bike Parking All Over!

Don't forget tomorrow: Valet Bike Parking at the Salem Saturday Market! We're sorry about last weekend, Paul! But look for the bike parking on the north side of the lot, a little to the east of the band stage. Look for additional news on the FSSM blog!

There are also a couple of other bike parking projects that are in the conceptual phases, and hopefully we'll have concrete news on them within the month!

Some parking has also been improved! When the Bike Summit was in town last month, everyone noticed the bike rack installation. It was too close to the wall, and it was in the smoking area.

Now it's relocated to a more visible location, is almost as sheltered, and is separated by a wall from the smoking area!

Thanks to Chrissie Bertsch, General Manager of the Salem Conference Center, who met with bicycle advocates to discuss the installation. She identified a different site and arranged to move the rack.

(Middle Photo: Jonathan Maus/Bikeportland)

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