Sunday, June 14, 2009

Legislative Update - Week 22: In Hindsight

In Oregon Cycling magazine, Ray Thomas has a nice review of his personal impressions of the legislative session. (The article is not online at Oregon Cycling, unfortunately.) He writes,
If we could start the legislative session over again, we would...develop our materials and provide our proposed measures to Legislative Counsel earlier in the session. We would also make contact with the groups that might support or at least stay neutral on our measures so that press reports would not be the first presentation of our message. Finally, we could have done a better job in organizing our statewide bicycling community, particularly folks in the districts of key legislators, so that constituent voices would have been more difficult to ignore.

But the fact is that in 2009, the legislative agenda was just too ambitious for the times...we failed to include several other legislative ideas that had merit, but were of less consequence.
The session is definitely slowing down and preparing to wind up. Sponsors of bills are playing the end game, and trying to execute final maneuvers. Some legislative judo is possible, but not likely.

The Transportation Bill, HB 2001, is not yet signed.
House Bill 2377 - still in committee
House Bill 2554 - not yet signed

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