Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday Market Bike Parking & Rumors of Bike Drill Team

After another late night thunderstorm, the roads are a little wet, but the pollen's knocked down! Remember bike parking at the Saturday Market. Look for the red "specialized" awning off of Union street, the north side of the lot.

Speaking of thunderstorms, over at Pacific Pedaling there are a couple of nice pieces on ways that people fit bicycling into inconvenient situations - and find pleasure!

Tina Brubaker commuted home in last week's big one - the one with the Silver Falls tornado warning - and wrote about the fun of biking in the elements and extreme weather. I think we all feel more alive when we bicycle!

Paul's also wrote about test-driving folding bikes and working out the compromises on a long family road trip that will permit him to get in some rides.

The Irondelles, a tall bike troupe of ladies, have charmed the Oregonian!

Several folks around town are heading to Portland for Pedalpalooza this weekend. But here in town, there's new talk of our own bike drill team! The idea's been batted around for a year or more, and some new enthusiasm is behind it. The State Fair will have a bike parade, and the PGE Festival of Lights needs an "absolutely glowing" bicycle corps! Stay tuned!

Update: Here's an image from the market today! It was a little drizzly at times, and occasionally we had more staff than bikes. But there were some new faces!

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