Monday, July 27, 2009

Bike Day at LifeSource

Check out what might be the best retail bike parking in Salem!

LifeSource installed the bike parking last year. It's a textbook installation. The installation is a 14 rack configuration from Creative Metalworks in Dayton. They've done most of the "art racks" in downtown Salem, but most of those are singletons rather than a cluster. The racks are sheltered from sun and rain, and are in a visible location right next to the storefront entries. It's safe, secure, sheltered and plentiful: passes all the tests!

Saturday was "Ride your Bike to LifeSource" Day. Though it was mid-day, and maybe a little hot for grocery shopping by bike, still a good number of folks ride in or stopped by to learn more about bicycling. Brian from the Bike Peddler offered tips on repair and maintenance, the LifeSource crew sampled a bio-kleen soy chain lube, as well as some sodas and turkey and tofu jerkies. We got to answer some questions from people who wanted to get their bikes out of the garage and go riding.

Folks talked about doing another bike promotion on a weeknight and serving folks riding home from work.

Thanks for supporting bikes, LifeSource!

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