Sunday, July 26, 2009

Council Discussion of Commercial Street Postponed

The Commericial Street restriping plan has been pulled from tomorrow's Council agenda.

The latest word suggests it will go before Council on August 10th. [Update, 7/29: It's looking like September 14th now.]

Debate over the plan grew wider and sometimes more heated after bikeportland picked up the story and ran a follow-up story.

City staff, business owners, and bicyclists are engaged in both formal and informal conversations to explain better the proposal and to answer the objections.

Meanwhile, some bicyclists struggle with the imperfections of the plan. Those in favor of it might point to Paul Krugman's point about the perfect solution to climate change:
So opponents of the proposed legislation [Waxman-Markey] have to ask themselves whether they’re making the perfect the enemy of the good. I think they are.
Those opposed to it point to the dangers of angle-parking, the ways that large motor vehicles impair the visibility of drivers attempting to back out of a space, and a desire to get it right the first time.

As the council date approaches, we'll have more updates.

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