Sunday, October 25, 2009

Battle Creek Cross Races on Saturday

Who knew Salem had so many cyclocross racers!

The Battle Creek Cross races enjoyed amazing sun and what was described as a challenging, technical course. The parking lot was full all day, it seemed.

Salem-area racers who finished included:

Matthew Jones placed 6th in Beginner Men
Ben Dinsdale placed 8th in Beginner Men
Jim Allen placed 9th in Beginner Men
Robert Luoma placed 10th in Beginner Men
Kevin Foster placed 12th in Beginner Men
Paul Lopez placed 14th in Beginner Men
Alex Zuk placed 15th in Beginner Men
Tm Zuk placed 16th in Beginner Men
Mike Studer placed 17th in Beginner Men

George Beilstein placed 1st in Clydesdales

Steve Yenne placed 2nd in Master Men 50+

Al Depenbrock placed 4th in Master Men 60+
Peter Dinsdale placed 6th in Master Men 60+

Brett Luelling placed 3th in Men Cat A

Brent Poole placed 2th in Men Cat B
James Shingleton placed 7th in Men Cat B

Brendan Gallant placed 1st in Men Cat C
Jonathan Bauer placed 8th in Men Cat C
Scott Larson placed 9th in Men Cat C
Dan Taborsky placed 13th in Men Cat C
Jeremy Jensen placed 18th in Men Cat C

Brian Marcroft placed 9th in Men Master B
Mike Petersen placed 15th in Men Master B
Doug Addicott placed 17th in Men Master B
Mark Magilner placed 25th in Men Master B

Jeremy Jensen placed 18th in Singlespeed

Jen Akeroyd placed 3th in Women A

Maren Nelson placed 6th in Women Master 35+
Tessa Sugahara placed 7th in Women Master 35+
Martha Paulus placed 10th in Women Master 35+

Congratulations, all!

For complete results see the OBRA site.

For some lovely photos of racers and the overgrown golf course, see Matthew Haughey's shots on Flickr.

I'm sure Paul @ Pacific Pedaling will also have some shots and maybe some video. He was shooting at the sand trap obstacle during the womens' races. We'll link to them when he posts 'em! [updated with link]

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