Thursday, October 22, 2009

Weekend Fun: Climate Change Fair and Battlecreek Cross

On Saturday cyclocross comes to Salem! Over at Pacific Pedaling Paul's got all the details. The guys at Buy Local Cycling are doing a terrific job of bringing racing to Salem!

And check out their great t-shirt design!

As they say:
The "Ride More, Drive Less" shirt is the official team shirt of the Buy Local Cycling team, which is sponsored by MetaFilter (and MeFi founder mathowie is a team member). It lets you tell the world you'd rather be pedaling than stuck in traffic. Proceeds from the sale of shirts benefit the McMinnville Montessori School.

On Saturday also is an international day of action and awareness for the safe upper limit of atmospheric carbon in parts per million. We're already past that threshold of 350 ppm, and the UN is holding a conference in Copenhagen to finalize a treaty on global warming. seeks to spread the word.

At Tea Party Bookshop JoAnne and others are hosting a health fair in honor of the day.

In Oregon transportation accounts for a third of greenhouse gases. Bicycling is an easy way to shift trips from high carbon to low carbon emissions. Plus, bicyclists get exercise to burn calories and fight chronic diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure.

We'll have a table there and be available to talk about ways to incorporate bicycling into a green, healthy lifestyle.

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