Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Walk + Bike to School Day Tomorrow

A generation ago, almost half of school kids walked or biked to school. Today, it's only about a tenth.

Tomorrow, October 7th, is Walk + Bike to School Day!

Hundreds of schools are participating statewide. In the Salem-Keizer School District, Forest Ridge Elementary, Gubser Elementary, and Salem Heights Elementary are participating.

Later this month, the Bicycle Transportation Alliance's Bicycle Safety Education program kicks-off. Each fall and spring the BTA teaches the ten-hour course for elementary and junior high age kids. In it they learn how to ride their bikes safely to school. The program starts building safe habits and encourages active transportation for independence and health. Last year the Surgeon General called the program "a model for the rest of the country" and presented the BTA with the "Healthy Youth for a Healthy Future Champion" award.

Salem is still getting going with encouraging kids to walk and bike to school. When the district-wide Safe Routes to School plan project gets going, hopefully more people will get involved. Stay tuned!

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