Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Chainring Chair at the Deaf School Dorm

The national "reveal" is upon us, and the Extreme Makeover at the Deaf School will be known to all tonight.

One of the things people might see is some bikecraft.

Writing in today's Statesman, Capi Lynn mentions the LEED certification of the building:
[director of the school, Patti] Togioka is thrilled with how the dorm turned out. Just last week it received LEED gold certification, which recognizes building performance such as water savings and energy efficiency. The dorm has an "eco-roof" covered with sod and plants that will help filter rainwater runoff, and another roof with 30 solar modules that will generate 30 percent of the building's energy.
The building also is green inside. Each bedroom has a theme focused on a particular recyclable material (paper, metal, plastic and wood).
The "metal" room has this deskchair made out of bicycle chainrings! Bike parts make it into some other structures, along with pipe, larger chains, and other repurposed scrap metal.

It's fun to see the nod to bikes, and hopefully they'll make it into the broadcast tonight.

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