Monday, October 18, 2010

City Adds Signs and Markings to Sharrow Lanes

The City continues to sign and mark the roads striped with sharrows.

On Commercial and Rosemont NW, "Share Full Lane" signs are going up. This is one is on Rosemont NW at Second, just off Edgewater and at the driveway to the Safeway lot. As with Commercial, there's a good bit of auto traffic here, and the reminder to share is useful for everyone, especially those still transitioning from highway speed to residential neighborhood speed.

Last week, an experienced and regular bicyclist on Commercial indicated that while he still had a couple of cars honking at him rather than sharing, in general the sharrows and signing were a significant improvement.

There are also some small tweaks to the pavement markings.

Here on Chemeketa at Winter, the City added a bike through-lane protected from the right-turn only auto lane. Since the route is for bicyclists to use the at-grade turn-around rather than the below-grade ramp through the parking garage, a very quick merge is required. The west-bound direction can be especially tricky. Here the dotted line and bike icon guide people on bikes to the center.

How are the sharrows and signs working for you?


Stephanie Matlock Allen said...

There's also a "Share Full Lane" sign posted on Chemeketa at 12th Street.

I love the new bike-through lane on Chemeketa! It makes it much easier (and safer) to merge back onto the road.

Commercial is much less intimidating now, too. Keep up the good work, Salem!

d. davis said...

Has there been any thinking on how to connect the east end of Chemeketa with points east of Lancaster? Is the preferred route Center? I'm sure once construction is settled at the state hospital it will be easier but currently that area is a mess.

Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

Glad to hear it, Stephanie!

David - the preferred route is to go south to State or north to Center. As you note, the bike lane on Center is missing temporarily because of construction. The energy grant that funded the sharrows on Chemeketa and Rosemont will also fund improved signage on Center street.

Depending on how far north you might need to be out Lancaster way, taking 21st/Breys to D street, or taking 17th to D or Sunnyview can be pleasanter than Center or State.