Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Make the City's Walking and Biking Survey go Viral!

Folks are already blogging about the City's bike and walk survey, which is great to see! (here and here, for example.)

Share it with your friends, neighbors, and colleagues!

As part of the bike and walk plan update, the City has a survey and crowd-sourced mapping project to identify problem sites. (Instructions here).

If you walk and bike a lot, be sure to complete them - we need your knowledge. If you know people who walk and bike little, encourage them also to complete them. The City needs to hear from those who aren't comfortable walking and biking much, too!

Indeed, in some ways the current system is functional for a small proportion of people, but we need to find ways to make the system functional for a much larger proportion of folks, in addition to making the system more functional for those it already serves imperfectly.

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