Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lovely Bridge Propaganda: Conde McCullough in ODOT's new Video

Talking about unneeded, oversized, and budget-busting bridges will many make anyone cranky. So it's nice periodically to return to lovely and useful things.

As part of celebrating 100 years of the Department of Transportation, ODOT just released a 7 minute video on the bridges of Conde McCullough.

You will recognize his bridges on the Oregon coast.

Yaquina Bay Bridge, 1936
McCullough lived in Salem and many of our smaller bridges were designed under his management as chief engineer.

McCullough Checked Plans
Some are arguing, and preparing a nomination to the National Register, that McCullough directly designed the Church Street bridge over the confluence of Pringle Creek and Shelton Ditch.

Lanterns on Church Street Bridge
The exact provenance of the smaller bridges in Salem may never be known, but the ones on the coast and around the state are magnificent.

Interestingly, the video directly discusses the role of at least one bridge in the attempt to spur development. The bridge over the Rogue River was constructed in part to attract Californians to Oregon.

(h/t Joseph Rose at The Oregonian)

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