Thursday, March 28, 2013

Old and New in Brick and Concrete - Plus Third Bridge Rumor

Just bits, maybe to inspire a noontime walk in the quiet city...get out and see the early spring - and buildings before the trees leaf out!

George Post Beaux-Arts Library and Pietro Belluschi Modernist YWCA
(More on Belluschi buildings in Salem here and here.)

New Commercial St. Bridge Half and Demolition of late 1920s Bridge
(More on the Commercial St Bridge and further links here.)

And finally a rumor that Rivercrossing Staff are preparing a staff recommendation to go to Council on monday, April 8th.  Look for more soon.  In the meantime, No 3rd Bridge posted a nice sheet of myths and facts.

$8 million in planning already spent could have built
a lot of sidewalks, bike lanes, and other needed improvements

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