Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Public Art Commission to Discuss Art at Minto Bridge

Today at noon the City's Public Art Commission meets and on the agenda is a proposed art installation on or near the Minto Bridge.

Carl Hall, The Slough (1948)
Hallie Ford Museum of Art
Apparently the project's origins go back to the June meeting. From the minutes (not yet posted to the City's website):
Staff presented the design concept for the Minto Island Bridge along with details regarding key aesthetic elements such as lighting and pedestrian rail. There was general discussion of the overall design approach to accentuate the form of the bridge itself with the supporting design elements and the project design team will move forward with the design as presented....

[Staff from the Salem Art Association and an artist] discussed their idea for an art wall on the Minto Bridge. The City of Salem project design team will also continue to coordinate with the Salem Art Association as a concept is developed under Commission guidance for incorporation of artwork into the bridge in Riverfront Park. Salem Art Association members will look for funding for this art wall. The progress of the project will be reviewed at the September meeting. It was noted that in order for the art wall to be completed, it would have to be approved by the SPAC and officially included in the Salem Public Art Collection.
At the September meeting there was an update, but no substantive progress or change.

Maybe there will be more this month.  Art at the bridge could be something wonderful or it could be something superfluous - or even just dumb.

Where would the art go?
Via City of Salem and Greenworks
It's interesting, though, with the Acid Ball right there, that folks are thinking of "more."  There must be a 1% for art kind of thing.  More to come, I'm sure.

Peace Plaza. busy on a weekday at closing time!
Also...did you know the name of the metal sculpture in the center of Peace Plaza?  Yeah, me neither.  Turns out in March the Commission noted a $200 donation for two signs, one of which would mark the sculpture.

Peace Plaza and the Probe
You have to know look behind you, however!

(Maybe we would have more clarity if we called the large expanse "Probe Plaza" and reserved "Peace Plaza" for the small memorial area?  We could move Peace Plaza, then, and quit worrying about Probe Plaza, which sounds unpleasant.)

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