Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Just Walk: SWAN Announces Daily Walks and Special Walks

The Southwest Association of Neighbors (SWAN) has announced the schedule of neighborhood walks for this coming year - and there's more!

This is great to see. 

Just Walk 2014 posters

Just Walk 2014 posters
The schedule includes:
Weekly Walk Events
  • Mon, Thurs, & Sat 9:30 am: Judson Middle School, Barbara Gordon
  • Mon 12:00 pm: Just Walk! with Project ABLE, 1599 State St
  • Wed 9:00 am: Minto Brown Dog Park, Walk with a City Councilor, Warren Bednarz/Jeanine Stice
  • Walk with Ease (beginning March 12): Salem Hospital Building D, Community Education Center [not sure of the time or recurrence]
  • Thurs 12:15 pm: LifeSource Natural Foods
  • Sat 9:00 am: Minto Brown, last parking lot, Chemeketans
  • Sun 12:15: LifeSource Natural Foods

2014 Special Events
  • Saturday, May 10, 10:00 am: LifeSource Spring Celebration Walk (free barbeque, food, and music!)
  • July Date TBA: Walk with a Farmer at Minto Island Growers
  • Sunday, September 14, 9:00 am: Westminster Presbyterian Church
  • Saturday, October 11, 10:00 am: LifeSource Fall Celebration Walk (free barbeque, food, and music)
That's a walk on almost every day! I like the idea of the "Walk with a City Councilor," though I wish it were on City streets rather than on park land. It would be nice to leverage the walks as a way to highlight missing sidewalks and difficult intersections. Maybe next year. Or maybe a Councilor in a different ward would start another walk.

The prominent placement of the cemetery in the posters is also notable, and perhaps more walking in the cemetery will galvanize citizen interest in a gate on the north side of the cemetery.

Anyway, lots to like!

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