Saturday, April 30, 2016

Decomissioned Post Office Finds New Life as Funeral Home

The love letters will still come, only this time they're from the grieving.

Before: The Old Vista Post Office
No longer a dead letter office, the old Vista Post Office has been remodeled and transformed into a Funeral Home.

(Did you see that coming???)

Transformed loading dock: Awning cut out and turf added
The treatment of the loading dock is interesting. To open up the entry, they cut away most of the awning and the side walls. They also cut into the dock slab itself, laid turf in a well, and set a few trees in it.

On one side of the dock they poured a ramp and placed a staple rack under the eave. The ramp is probably mainly for wheelchair access - but it would work great for a person on bike to roll right up to the rack!

Staple rack under an eave with a ramp
This is not a fancy set of modifications, but the simplicity is direct and appealing. Hopefully the turf well and all is functional and not high maintenance.

Maybe it's just because it's so unexpected, but this seems like an interesting and creative way to lightly remodel, improvise, and repurpose a building.


Unknown said...

This is a great example of how a few simple changes to an old building can make it functional again for a modern use. In the historic preservation world, we say that "A used building is a saved building." This project reminds me of the readaptive use of the old Multnomah County Morgue building into a modern dermatology clinic after the county surplussed the property. There's an article about the project here

Jim Scheppke said...

I wonder who the architect was? Give him/her a shout out!

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's a DIY project?!

The owner-operator "studied at Brigham Young University Idaho, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management and an Associate’s Degree in Architectural Technology.

{He worked] for 7 years as a construction project controls engineer."