Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Grant Neighborhood Talks Crosswalks Thursday

Grant Neighborhood Association meets on Thursday the 6th, and crossing busy streets is on the agenda.

If the sign is not safe, how are people safe?
Less than a year old, this chewed up sign
is an accurate emblem for our lack of progress.
The association will talk about the proposed crossing on Fairgrounds Road at Norway and also about difficulty crossing Market Street.

February agenda
The crossing on Fairgrounds is especially interesting. Here is what I think is the last published plan for it.

Between Cottage and Fairgrounds a median blocks car travel
March 2018 drawings
The little parking strip off Norway will disappear, and it happens the owner of the business right there is running for City Council.

Crossing Fairgrounds on Norway would be closed to cars
It will not be surprising if it gets politicized in the upcoming election for City Council.

Back in 2017 (See previous notes on outreach here and here) this had seemed like a potential problem.

This is likely not going to be enough for everything (April)
It has also seemed like the funding for the bundle of "multi-modal safety crossings" will be insufficient for all of them and a full build on them. It would not, then, be surprising to see "value engineering" pare down the median on Norway.

The crossing at Norway and Fairgrounds as well as larger bundle of crossings just does not seem optimally positioned for success. Maybe the City will pull them off, but there are warning signs.

So something to watch.

People keep hitting stop sign on Market at Winter
(end of January and the installation last July)
Separately, there is a little more on the crosswalk for school and greenway on Market at Winter. From the January minutes:
[a resident] mentioned the fact that one of the street centerline pedestrian signs at the Market and Winter crosswalk has been removed.
It may be that the "flag" item on the agenda is for this crosswalk, but it could be for another. However that may be, we should not engineer crosswalks and streets so that people have to use flags to wave while crossing. It's also concerning that the sign on the centerline at Market Street keeps getting hit.

Also in the January minutes, a few more notes on the 990 Broadway project (previous notes here and on potential archeology here):
the development at 990 Broadway is on track. However, the property has been identified as the location of a house owned by Jason Lee. Kimberli Fitzgerald is exploring grants that would finance a dig at the site, prior to the commencement of any excavation or construction.
The Grant Neighborhood Association meeting is on Thursday the 6th at 6:15pm, at Grant Community School, 725 Market St NE.


Mike said...

I saw one time that the sign got whacked. A smaller commercial truck smacked it as it was driving west. There was plenty of room so I'm not sure if it was intentional or not.

Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

And here are the minutes on the Norway/Fairgrounds crossing:

"Will Kuenzi and Aaron Edelman were present from the City to discuss the bike and pedestrian improvements proposed for this intersection. It is one of 5 sites around the city that are being addressed.The construction will include a new median area that provides separate openings to accommodate pedestrians and bicycles. It does not allow traffic to turn across the oncoming lane at this intersection, nor will cross-traffic be allowed on Norway. There will be three trees added to the installation. The work is scheduled for this summer and will be available by the opening day of school. All five sites have a total budget of $840,000 which covers planning,design and construction. There will be no flashing lights at the crossing, but improved advance signing will be installed upstream both directions to alert drivers of the crossing they are approaching."

Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

From the January 2021 minutes for the Grant NA: "both of the new pedestrian signs on Market Street at Grant School, which had been damaged or destroyed, have been replaced."