Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Cherriots Suspends Service March 31st (Updated)

Update to all the updates: March 30th is the last day of service and Cherriots is suspending service for a period TBD. See update at bottom.

Earlier this afternoon Cherriots announced a temporary elimination of fares on account of the pandemic. (Update - "According to the governor's order, everyone MUST STAY HOME except for critical trips.")

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The customer service windows at the transit centers in Keizer and downtown are also being modified.
Starting Wednesday, March 18, we will begin fare-free back-door boarding on Cherriots Local as an extra measure to protect drivers. The more drivers that stay well, the more service we can provide to you. This means that unless you need the ramp to board, please enter through the back door. Seniors, people with disabilities, and people with children in strollers can still use the priority seating area in front. Strollers and carts may not block the aisle, as always.

All rides are free starting Wednesday, March 18 on Cherriots Local, Cherriots Regional, Cherriots LIFT, and Cherriots Shop and Ride until further notice. 30-Day Pass and Month Pass holders may contact Customer Service for a refund.

Customer Service hours are being reduced and the waiting area in the Customer Service lobby is now closed at the Downtown Transit Center. This is to reduce the number of people gathering in an enclosed space, and therefore reducing transmission of coronavirus. Customer Service staff are still on hand to answer questions and sell passes. Customer Service is now open Monday-Friday, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.The Keizer Transit Center lobby is now closed as well. One-Rides and Day Passes are still available for purchase on the bus.
Update, March 20th

Looks like planning for service contraction is starting.

Update 2, March 24th

And unsurprisingly, the second round of expansion for Sunday service has been postponed. They also reiterate "stay home."

Update 3, March 25th

Shoot. But it's not surprising that a driver should become ill. Any public-facing group is going to have some number become ill, and any threat to the public is not very different from the general contagiousness of it. Hopefully the driver will recover and quickly.

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We will see this in multiple agencies and businesses, however. The institutional core of the story, then, is about driver attrition and Cherriots' decreasing ability to staff a complete network of routes. If they cannot run a skeleton core network, it is conceivable they'll basically have to shut down.

Update 4, March 28th

Now a skeleton core network with the reduced schedule starting March 30th:

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Update 5, March 30th

Just the worst.

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(Updated with clarification on staying home and reserving bus rides for those in need)

Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

Added news that the second phase of the service expansion for Sunday service is postponed.

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Added note on driver falling ill.

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Added new information on a comprehensive reduced schedule

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Updated with news about seven people falling ill and Cherriots' suspending service.