Saturday, August 15, 2020

Buy Stamps, Post Letters, Support USPS

A slow-developing story over our Pandemic Spring and now Summer that may not be getting enough attention is the attempt to starve and then gut the Post Office, sell it off for scrap, and ultimately to privatize it.

55 cent Love, 2001 (featuring John Adams)
This is also a useful move to interfere with vote-by-mail and the November election. Even here, vote-by-mail, not to mention ordinary checks, bills, medicines, and love letters, are all potentially imperiled.

Oregonian today

But a bad Postmaster can slow it
April 28th
Get some stamps, write some letters or postcards, and support the post office - because it's definitely something whose loss we'll regret once it's gone.

Our first stamp honors our first postmaster.

Our first official stamp, the 5 cent Ben Franklin, 1847
Successive stamp issues recognize so many other interesting things. Here are some of special or local interest on the blog. Across multiple cultural and economic dimensions, USPS is an important institution.

4 cent early Electric Car, 1901
10 cent Special Delivery, 1902
3 cent
Security, Education, Conservation, Health, 1940
3 cent Oregon Territory Centennial, 1948
5 cent Plan for Better Cities, 1967
19 cent postcard Willamette University Sesquicentennial, 1992
Eclipse mania, 2017

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