Sunday, August 30, 2020

Erasing Climate in Burger Nostalgia and Autoism

We should not begrudge a centenarian their day.

Front page today
But also, if we are going to celebrate a business they created, and are going to sketch a little bit of its history, we ought also to reckon a little more critically with its place in culture and our current historical moment.

Burgers and Cars: Both significant sources of greenhouse gases

Forcefully we avoid looking at
the embedded autoism and emissions

Buried on an interior page today

Front page last summer
Minor Update, September 8th

In reprinting the piece today, the paper made very different editorial choices for the accompanying main images.

Totally different photo choices
September 9th

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Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

Added a clip from today's paper with a reprinted version of the story and totally different images.