Tuesday, August 25, 2020

More Safe Routes to Schools Applications: At the MPO

The Policy Committee for our Metropolitan Planning Organization convenes today, and several of the items we've already touched on in other conversations. So just a brief note.

Three County Safe Routes project applications
The MPO will likely submit letters in support of the five Safe Routes to Schools project applications from the City of Salem and the three from Marion County.

The County ones are:
At least one street is gravel, and several are over-wide residential streets missing sidewalks or with non-standard ones. Zooming is very likely a problem. This is basic remediation more than anything else.

Shaving one foot off the bike lane or sidewalk for savings
On the Hollywood project, the TAC decided the sidewalk could be continuously five-feet instead of six, but the bike lane should remain  six-feet wide. (See this City note for more comment on "AASHTO standards.")

On the prospects for new rules on the reduction of carbon pollution, the County is threatening a lawsuit against Governor Brown's executive order. Committee members also cite multiple reasons for delay and doubt. The MPO continues with an essentially obstructionist stance, and would like a member appointed to a new advisory committee, clearly not to contribute constructively or creatively, but to slow-walk the process as much as possible.

From the draft July minutes
The MPO convenes today, Tuesday the 25th at noon. The agenda and meeting packet is here

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(Apparently the meeting info in the packet is wrong. The revised info isn't playing nice in the blog editor at the moment, and you may need to call the MPO if you want access to the meeting. It did not seem important, and it was on short notice, so it did not seem important to include in the first place. Sorry, this is a substandard post!)