Tuesday, August 18, 2020

"Tennessee to the Rescue": Editorial gives Thanks for 19th Amendment

The front page today in Nashville
(with historical front page of August 19th, 1920)
From the Capital Journal editorial celebrating the 19th Amendment (though perhaps mixed a little ambiguously with rhetoric of "redemption" and "gallantry"):
Today, however, Tennessee stands redeemed, and enshrined in the hearts of the women of America for Tennessee, with true southern gallantry has rushed to the aid of women at the crucial hour, by ratifying the suffrage amendment to the federal constitution....
Locally: "Tennessee to the Rescue" (August 18th, 1920)
Hereafter women will share with men the responsibilities of government and help make the great experiment of democracy a success.

The long battle waged for many years by a few courageous women, greeted for decades with jeers and derision, has been crowned with success. The cause for which so many brave women struggled valiantly for years, has triumphed, even though none of the gallant little band of pioneers survive to see the day of victory. And its triumph is due to the ideal of a square deal implanted in the heart of the American people - and as along as such ideals animate the people, the nation is safe.
For more on the editorial, the front page in Salem, and the general reception here, see "19th Amendment in Salem: Help for Great Experiment of Democracy."

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