Friday, August 9, 2019

Driver Struck and Killed Linda Adamson while Crossing Owens at Liberty.

Earlier this week on Monday the 5th, a person apparently making a left turn in a car onto a one way street struck and killed a person attempting to walk across the cross street.

From Salem Police, the initial report and an update with Adamson's name. The identity of the driver is not disclosed and the driver is generally erased:
The Salem Police Department Traffic Control Unit is investigating a fatal crash at the intersection of Owens St S and Liberty St SE. The crash was reported at approximately 6:27am when the Salem police department responded to a report of a vehicle striking a pedestrian at that intersection. When police arrived they located the adult female pedestrian, who was already deceased. The adult female driver of the involved vehicle remained on scene and is cooperating with investigators. At this time the cause of the crash remains under investigation. The identity of the victim is not being released pending next of kin notification....

The Salem Police Department has identified the victim involved in the vehicle versus pedestrian crash this morning at Liberty St SE and Owens St S.

The victim is identified as Linda Adamson, a 59 yr old resident of Salem, OR.
Liberty from Owens looking East at a T-intersection.
Owens has dual left-turn lanes onto Liberty here.
Adamson was crossing left to right; Liberty goes right to left.
(Photo via streetview, not in PD release)
Investigators determined that the victim was attempting to cross Owens St S, heading SB, at the Liberty St intersection as the involved Subaru SUV was attempting to make a turn from Owens St S onto NB Liberty St on a red light. The vehicle struck the victim as it was attempting to make the turn onto Liberty St.

The 68 yr old female driver remained on scene and was cooperative with investigators. There were no signs of impairment. The investigation is continuing and no criminal charges have been filed at this time.
See this note for more on active/passive voice, the word "pedestrian," and the habit of erasing the driver.

Columbia Journalism Review
It's been a nice while since any driver killed a person on bike, but last month there was sad news to break that streak.

Very early in the morning on Monday, July 15th, Madison Oravetz struck Stephanie Ashford as she was biking along Lakeside Drive, a little outside of Salem, just north of where Chemawa/Hazelgreen intersect with Portland Road. Later in the week, Ashford died at the Hospital.

Initially an apparent hit and run, Oravetz returned to the scene; in the same autoist formula was "cooperating with investigators" and no arrests were made.

If more ever comes out about either death, this post may be updated.

A recent piece on rail crossings notes that since 2008 in the whole state, trains killed 35 people. By comparison, cars and their drivers have killed many, many more. Here are people on foot and on bike killed just in and around Salem.

We say "troubling"
but really, how troubled are we?
Previously killed in 2019
Killed in 2018
Killed in 2017
Killed in 2016:
Killed in 2015:


Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

Crap. There is news this morning about another death on Lakeside Drive.

From the Marion County Sheriff:

"On August 8th and approximately 10:45 pm, the Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to a reported vehicle versus pedestrian crash in the 7500 block of Lakeside Drive NE. Soon after emergency services arrived on scene the pedestrian was pronounced as deceased.

The involved driver, a 16-year-old male from Keizer, remained on scene and called 911 after the collision. The pedestrian has not yet been identified.

Based upon initial information, investigators believe the pedestrian was walking in the roadway at the time they were struck by the vehicle. The driver is cooperating with investigators; alcohol does not appear to have been a factor.

Later there may be more to add.

Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

Follow-up: The person killed on August 8th was Joseph Rodriguez.