Saturday, March 21, 2009

City Council on Monday; Median at 17th & Chemeketa

Lots of bikey activity at City Council this Monday!

Over at Friends of Two Bridges they have a note about City Council on Monday and the Proposed Minto Island Bike and Pedestrian Bridge.

Also on the City Council docket are three Resolutions supporting the TGM grant applications. The Safe Routes to School application, the Downtown Vision 2020 Bike/Ped application, and the Bicycle and Pedestrian Elements of the TSP application.

All this bikey language is great to see! Consider coming to council to show your support.

In other city news, cones have gone up in the northbound turn lane at 17th & Chemeketa. This is a prelude to a pedestrian median and crossing. Bike by it, and see how it works for you, especially when you are going E-W on Chemeketa. Does it help with safety and/or ease of crossing? And if you're out walking, try that too!


Stephanie Matlock Allen said...

Hi! It seems like the median will be helpful for pedestrians, but not as useful for bikes. The median aligns with the sidewalk, and most of the bicyclists using that intersection are using the road. But, having the crosswalk lines & signage there could make drivers more aware of all pedestrians & bikes, regardless of where in the intersection they are crossing. It's a great thing for dog walkers, runners, and other people using the sidewalks.

Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

Thanks for the report!