Saturday, March 7, 2009

City Council to vote on TGM Grant Applications

The deadline for Oregon Transportation and Growth Management grant applications is coming up on March 13th!

The City has plans to apply for three! One is a downtown circulation plan, a second is to update the Bicycle and Pedestrian Elements of the Transportation System Plan, and a third is to develop a Safe Routes to Schools plan. All are good, but especially good are the second two, the updated Bicycle and Pedestrian parts of the TSP and the Safe Routes plan.

On Monday, City Council will advise Public Works whether to move forward on the final submissions. Since this is grant money to fund what otherwise at present is not funded, opposition is not expected. Still, it's always good to let your councilor know you value bicycling! Find your councilor here and let him or her know you care!

Also it's rumored that CITY (Chickens in the Yard) will be on council agenda again. Even if you have no interest in chickens, you should be following this because what's good for chickens is good for bicyclists - and visa versa. Many of the same values drive both causes. Raising chickens or riding a bike is the same kind of crazy urban nonconformism of which we need more!

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