Sunday, May 31, 2009

Legislative Update - Week 20: Reactions to House Bill 2001

It's a little Pollyanna-ish to show the bike dude triumphant this week...both chambers quickly acted on House Bill 2001, both passing it, and sent it to the Governor.


Bikeportland first on the House, with comments from Salem's Doug Parrow
. In her floor speech, Rep. Vicki Berger (R-Salem) had an interesting claim about pollution reduction:
“But perhaps the least mentioned green part of this package,” Berger added, “is simply to lessen the gridlock that paralyzes the transportation system in this valley at least two times a day. Sitting in a car or truck, idling or slowly moving is the single most polluting thing we can do.”
Here's Bikeportland on the Senate vote.

Economist Joe Cortright at Impresa Consulting offers a county-by-county breakdown that shows the weird skews, especially for the Newberg-Dundee bypass.

Steve Duin at the Oregonian pays more attention to the Newberg-Dundee bypass and suggests some of the political arithmetic and calculation behind it.

Economist Patrick Emerson at the Oregon Economics Blog suggests that the bill does not address problems in a coherent fashion:
My view has always been that the problem is carbon emissions so we need to address carbon emissions through a gas tax. Full stop.

Here's the Official Press Release after it passed the House. And after the Senate vote.

In other news:

House Bill 2106 - Governor signed
House Bill 2377 - held worksession
House Bill 2554 - no change

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